07/08/22 - guangdong_noodles.txt

05/06/22 - Resume - My resume in a text file.

05/06/22 - Social - A collection of social media sites that I am on.

05/06/22 - Who Am I? - A text file with a brief description of me the author of this site.

05/06/22 - Wabi Sabi - A text file copy of a webpage that I really liked.

05/11/21 - What is art? - An essay about Why do some ugly pieces of art ugly demand outragous amounts of money? Is art a waste of time?

06/11/21 - Creating minamalist webpages - Some personal thoughts on creating webpages such as this one. Why, how and when should we do it?

06/11/21 - Techno Pump - Tunes to make me feel productive while on the computer or exercising.

06/11/21 - VSCode Shortcuts - A collection of shortcuts when coding in HTML.

06/11/21 - Retro sites - A collection of retro websites that I personally like.

- End -